AN invitation to living faith.


God grows us through the Word of God in the context of relationships with the People of God by the transforming power of the Spirit of God. Huddles are meant to be a place where these three come together to help us be ever more fruitful as our heads, hearts, and hands reflect those of Jesus.

Pray for God to guide you to 3 other people.

Be Consistent. Commit to meet regularly, at least every other week.

Be Intentional. Get together to grow. Guard this time for this purpose.

Be Real. We grow as we process our ups and downs, victories and sins, in the light with each other. 1 John 1:8-10.

Be Accountable. Growth isn’t just sharing our struggles but finding ways to support each other to find freedom.

Be Safe. Commit to keeping what’s shared confidential. Let the trust grow.

Be flexible. This is a guide, not a rule. It gives structure and consistency to our times together but trust God to lead. The goal is growth not checking boxes.


With 3 or so other people, commit to meeting at least once every two weeks for an hour. The basic structure of a Huddle is to get together and check-in with each other. Use the structure of Gratitude, Challenge, Listen, Bless, and close in prayer for each other. For the “Listen” time, you can choose to follow the sample guide below; read a chapter from a book each week together; work through a book of the Bible; or any other number of ways to seek to listen to God’s Word. Whatever would best suit the needs of your Huddle.

A sample guide for a year of Huddles


Huddles are meant to be flexible and able to happen when your schedules allow. Huddles have happened in the mornings at a local restaurant, around campfires in the evenings, at people’s homes; whenever and wherever it works best!

We have a guy’s Huddle meeting on Wednesday evenings, as well as a woman’s Huddle happening Tuesday mornings.

Contact Pastor Paul if you’re interested in joining or forming a Huddle.