Adults Ministry

Our mission is to make faith in Jesus live and to help us all come more and more alive in Jesus, there are two things that run consistently throughout the year.

Small Groups

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Our small groups run in two sessions:  a Fall session and a winter session.  In small groups, we meet on Sunday evenings at various times to eat together, talk through and study the passage of the Bible from the morning’s sermon, and pray.  These are intergenerational groups where we learn to live out the reality that we are all one family brought together by Jesus.  Here we aim to fulfill our pillars of Biblical Community, Word, and Prayer.  Groups also look for opportunities to serve our local community together.

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Wednesday Teaching and Prayer

boldly_preach_the_gospel-title-3-Wide 16x96:30-8PM every Wednesday

At the same time as our Awana kids program, we meet for more in-depth teaching and discussion on various topics, followed by prayer together.  Drop your kids off at Awana and then come across the parking lot to Emmanuel House and join us!

Alongside these two venues for helping us follow Jesus more fully, we also do special events for men, women, and various other focused groups throughout the year.